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Beginner's Guide to Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes

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Beginner's Guide to Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes Empty Beginner's Guide to Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes

Post by Ultima on Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:09 pm

Beginner's Guide to Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes

If you've read my Beginner's Journeyman Diary, you would probably have an idea of the pace of progression in this game and what this game is all about.

In this beginner's guide, I am going to share with you, the Do's and Don'ts for a Beginner. 

When you start off, you will be guided through map 1 with a tutorial. 

After you are done with the tutorial, you are probably lost and not sure of what to do next. 

And the game will feel empty because most of the content are locked at the moment, until you complete certain maps or until your trainer/walker reached a certain level.

First, let me introduce you to the currencies and the Do's/Don'ts with them.

  • You can read my currencies guide here:


  • Do use your energy wisely 

    Check out the guide below to understand the priorities of using your energy Smile


  • Don't use all your gold on modifying/refining equipments yet

    At this stage, you are not sure which are the end-game gears to refine yet.

  • Do use your gold to plus your gears to +3 (common)/+5 (uncommon)

    This is cheap and will help your progress by strengthening your hero.


  • Don't use your power crystals to level up hero traits

    This is because level 1 hero trait requires 10 crystals to modify, level 2 requires 40 crystals and so on...

    The amount required to modify increases as you level up the hero trait.

    At this stage, you do not know which hero traits are best for which hero yet.

    When you do, you want to modify the hero traits at level 1 (cheapest) before you level them up.

  • Do modify hero trait to complete the daily achievement

    Only 10 crystals needed and you can get 80 crystals for completing the achievement

  • Do use skulls to raise expedition level to 4 

    This will unlock 2 ships for you to carry out expeditions


  • Don't use your skulls for anything else yet

    At this stage, skulls are hard to get and we don't know what is best to use them for yet.

    Best to keep them first.

  • Do use your friendship hearts before they reach 10,000.

    This is because they don't increase beyond that and might as well use it

  • Do farm event materials to redeem event items

    These are very helpful in your game progression

  • Do exchange your green tokens every hour at Camp Site

    This level up the skills of your starter heroes (Ava, Trevis, Percy, Cosmo)


  • Do your arena matches

    Win or lose, you gain arena badges. Every bit counts towards redeeming the OP arena heroes.


  • Do your Valley of Trials 

    For gold, free energy and recruitment of heroes


Now that you have an idea of the currencies, their functions, the Do's and Don'ts, we can move on to collecting heroes, which is the main objective in this game.

Sources of Heroes Collection:

  • Hero Dungeons in Regions/Maps

  • Arena Shop

  • Ancient Token Shop

  • Lost Heroes Dungeon

  • Valley of Trials 

  • Paid Packages $$$

Basically, all heroes can be collected free or you can buy them from limited time only paid packages.

The above sources of hero tokens are supposed to be done simultaneously, at the same time, not separately.

This is such that you can collect all the heroes in the fastest time possible.

Guide to ascending your heroes:

Which starting heroes to invest in?

When I started off in this game, I had no one to guide me. 

I didn't know which starting hero is strong, which is weak etc. I had to trial and error, and slowly test my way through. In the process, I made mistakes inevitably. That is why I am here to share my experiences.

I'm not endgame yet but I will update this guide as I go along. For now, just read what I've to share and enjoy Smile

Your starter heroes (AVA, Trevis, Percy, Cosmo)

Beginner's Guide to Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes PRvmZse

Ava is a hero with medium defense, stun on 2nd skill and 2x2x1 aoe (small) on 3rd skill. Good for 1v1/PvP and not bad for PvE. Most players I've seen would invest in her as a starting hero all the way up to max 5* hero.

Beginner's Guide to Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes DYiwgmZ

Trevis is a hero with stun on normal attack, 3x3 aoe (small) on 2nd skill. Not so good for 1v1/PvP since stun is on normal attack (lower damage) and aoe is small. Some people will invest in him as his damage is decent but not really going to be good for endgame. I did invest in him up to 4* to clear maps.

Beginner's Guide to Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes 3RuwHuL

Percy, I dropped him. Low damage, bad aoe, low defense. I used him for a while, didn't like his damage and dropped him.

Beginner's Guide to Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes JnpoU6h

Cosmo, this is your first Area-Attack hero. High AOE on both skills and high damage. Definitely invest in him, he will help you clear your PvE content fast and well because conditions for best rewards ('S' grade map clear) are turn-based. You need to clear mobs fast for the top grade clear and Cosmo is one of the best beginner AOE hero. I would recommend 5* him.

Other Starter Heroes to note (Kassra, Miranda, Blacksmith)

Beginner's Guide to Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes PlKmuT2

Kassra (Region 1-10) although is stated as a balanced hero, his 3rd skill is a medium sized AOE which sync well with cosmo AOE. His 2nd skill gives him decent 1v1 damage on bosses too. Personally, I use Cosmo x Kassra to clear earlier maps fast with their AOEs and they can carry your weaker heroes when they are 4*/5* because they kill all the mobs and do all the damage needed fast.

Beginner's Guide to Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes HfAoEeL

Miranda (Region 3-4) is your best healer for a long time until you are able to farm shroompot. So you can safely invest in her. However, as I mentioned above, to get the highest grade for map clear, you need to kill fast as it is turn based. Therefore, most PvE content won't require Miranda. Instead, we go for all damage dealer team for fastest clear. Miranda is more used for content like Arena, Valley of Trials, Lost Heroes map etc.

Beginner's Guide to Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes Zdr4o4W

Blacksmith (Region 4-10), this is your first % HP damage hero. He will help you kill boss easy because his 3rd skill does % HP damage. The higher the HP, the greater the damage. Recommended for 5* investment.

As a beginner like myself, I can tell you, you won't be able to invest in many heroes at one go. You can mainly train 5 heroes to 4*/5* and stick with them.

Personally, I went with AvA, Trevis, Cosmo, Kassra and Blacksmith while side-training (using bind soul) Miranda for my first few heroes to train and invest in. This might not be the best combination but don't worry. Leveling and training your hero in this game is relatively easy and even if you train the wrong one, it cannot go too wrong as the strengths of the other heroes are sufficient to carry you through most content.

Hence, even if you didn't invest in the right heroes, as long as you gear them up, train them to 5*, you can still clear most content with ease. By then, you would have enough resources to train up the right ones too and actually, we will be training all heroes to 5* and max them all eventually.  Shocked

Enjoy the game and have fun!


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