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[Guide] All the Basics You need to Know about Equipments (Enhancing/Refining/Converting/Rerolling)

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[Guide] All the Basics You need to Know about Equipments (Enhancing/Refining/Converting/Rerolling) Empty [Guide] All the Basics You need to Know about Equipments (Enhancing/Refining/Converting/Rerolling)

Post by Ultima on Tue May 02, 2017 5:48 pm

Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes

[Guide] All the Basics You need to know about Equipments (Enhancing/Refining/Converting/Rerolling)

There are 2 types of equipments:

  • Set Equipments

    Gives set bonus

    Obtained from Equipment Boxes from Events / Login Rewards / Ice Fortress Rewards


    Purchased from shop using skulls or from purchased packages

    [Guide] All the Basics You need to Know about Equipments (Enhancing/Refining/Converting/Rerolling) XJxUP6x

  • Normal Equipments

    These are those that you farm from dungeons etc.

    [Guide] All the Basics You need to Know about Equipments (Enhancing/Refining/Converting/Rerolling) NMMAQSX

    Weapon (Mace, Bow, Sword), Defense (Armor, Boots, Shield), Accessory (Ring, Necklace)

There are 5 types of rarity:

  • Common (Brown) > Uncommon (Green) > Rare (Blue) > Epic (Orange) > Legendary (Purple)

Legendary being the best equipment and common being the worst.

All gears can be 'refined' from common to legendary with cubelets that can be farmed from ancient city or from random rewards by completing dungeons.

Common Questions:

Do 1* equips still count towards the stats of a 2* heroes after you equip your 2* hero with 2* equips?

Yes. The 1* equips stats are still added to your heroes stats, together with the 2* equips.

Should I refine my 1*/2* equips to legendary as a new player who just started the game?

Even if you want to, you probably cannot since you don't have the cubelets yet.

You can do that because set items equips are hard to get and it is probably going to take a long time to get them.

Once you reach the intermediate stage of the game, it's not a bad idea to make your 1*/2*/3* gears legendary since they will last you a long time.

Try to make only 5 sets of gears since you can only have 5 heroes in one team and switch the gears around since switching gears is free.

Should I use mace/bow/sword and armor/boots/shield?

Most people will recommend using bow (crit-rate)/sword (hit-rate) and this changes based on the hero stats and the current meta (game trend); depending on whether if hit rate is sufficient to prevent a dodge for PvE content. 

For PvP content, this will be based on your defense strategy and enemy dodge.
For armor, its the same idea, just reverse thinking, from offense to defense.
For starters, I will recommend to use sword (hit-rate) and armor (defense). 

How to refine your equipment?

First, before you can refine your equipment, you need to enhance/plus your equips to the max enhancement level limited by their rarity.

Common +3
Uncommon +5
Rare +7
Epic +9

[Guide] All the Basics You need to Know about Equipments (Enhancing/Refining/Converting/Rerolling) 4EKFeBw

When you hit the enhance/plus level cap, you will be asked the question if you want to refine the equipment.

Click refine and you will see the required amount of gold/cubelets to refine the equipment. 

[Guide] All the Basics You need to Know about Equipments (Enhancing/Refining/Converting/Rerolling) QXDcVJ1

Cubelets are farmed from Ancient City or as random rewards from dungeons. 

Cubelets can also be assembled/disassembled from 1* cubelet to 2* cubelet at a 5 to 1 and 1 to 3 ratio respectively.

[Guide] All the Basics You need to Know about Equipments (Enhancing/Refining/Converting/Rerolling) IZxZgLd


Now you learnt how to refine your gears from common to legendary, there are still 2 more aspects to gears that you need to learn, which is conversion and rerolling.

But you probably would not want to use rerolling on the gears until you reached endgame and farmed the end-game gears.

This is because the materials used for conversion and rerolling are hard to come by.

You want to save them for the best endgame gears, for specific heroes.

What is Equipment Conversion:

This game gives us an option to convert duplicate set equipments that you own into another piece from the same equipment set. 

[Guide] All the Basics You need to Know about Equipments (Enhancing/Refining/Converting/Rerolling) QPzfJkv

This means that, if you own weapon x2 from an equipment set, you can convert one of the weapon into a defense equipment or accessory of the same set using Transmutation Stones.

Transmutation stones are acquired via arena shop (F2P) or purchased from shop (P2P).

[Guide] All the Basics You need to Know about Equipments (Enhancing/Refining/Converting/Rerolling) 55qh4WY

What is Rerolling?

For a legendary rarity gear, the gear will have 4 substats.

And, we can reroll these substats using Orbs.

[Guide] All the Basics You need to Know about Equipments (Enhancing/Refining/Converting/Rerolling) ZdZhSfP

You can choose the substats you want to keep and lock them with Orbs.

Then reroll the rest with Orbs until you get the substats you want. 

Orbs can be obtained randomly from dungeons or from events and... 


Congratulations! Now you've learnt the 4 processes that you can carry out on an equipment: 

  • Enhancing / Plussing

  • Refining (Upgrading the rarity)

  • Conversion (For set equipment)

  • Rerolling (For substats)


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