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A Beginner's Journeyman Diary Through Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes - The first 7 days

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A Beginner's Journeyman Diary Through Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes - The first 7 days Empty A Beginner's Journeyman Diary Through Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes - The first 7 days

Post by Ultima on Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:27 pm

Hello guys,

Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes was released on 21st April 2017.

I started playing this game on 23th April 2017, 2 days after its release.

I am free-to-play, F2P in short.

I thought I would share my F2P experiences throughout my first week of playing this game with everyone who has just started to play the game OR is planning to play the game.

*Final pictures at the bottom

Introduction to the game:

This is basically a hero collecting game, like many games out there on the market.

You collect heroes, you level them up, farm gears for them, and complete the PvE/PvP content.

The good points about this game are probably its fast progression and it's new.

If you start playing now, you will be one of the frontrunners in the game, since the game is less than a week old.

Unlike other games, where you need to take very long to awaken/ascend your heroes, this game, you can basically ascend/awaken your heroes in less than a day. 

Since you get unlimited tries to farm the materials needed and it drops relatively easily.

Heroes collecting is also easy, you get the heroes as you complete the maps and PvE content (Arena, Trials) etc.

Those take some time but you collect them along the way as you complete the maps. 

It doesn't feel pay2win at all if you are just starting off in this game as a F2P like me  Cool

The first 3 days (23rd April - 26th April)

During the first 3 days, it is the period where I was learning the ropes of the game.

You learn how to refine your gears, how to ascend/awaken your heroes, how to farm skill points and improve the skills of your heroes and the various content in the game. 

Energy recovery from level 1 to level 30 is almost continuous. 

Which means you just keep on leveling non-stop because energy refills when your trainer rank up and you almost just keep on going and going.

By the end of the 3rd day, if you have been playing ~10 hours a day like me, you should have collected 8+ heroes and reached around level 30 and understood most aspects of the game.

As it is a new game, there are relatively less content that we need to grasp and understand, thus easy to learn to play.

By day 1, you should be able to awaken/ascend 2~3 of your 1* heroes to 2*.

By day 3, you should already have around 3~4 3* heroes.

Hence, the progression feels pretty fast and easy to play for a F2P.

After the 4th day (27th April)

After your trainer reaches level 30, thats when the experience needed to level up starts to grow big and the ranking up of your trainer, starts to slow down.

You would feel that you cannot keep on playing (due to 0 energy left) and need to take breaks in between, to wait for the energy to refill.

By now, you should have reached/completed map 4 and you would be stuck at map 5. Also, you would be like me, trying to level your 3* heroes to level 50 so that you can ascend/awaken them to become 4*.

You would be just doing the usual daily farming for heroes skill points from the map and continue your map progression to collect the remaining heroes.

By now, you should have unlocked "Ice Fortress", a free rewards dungeon and try to complete it like me.

But you would probably be stuck on floor 10 like me  Very Happy

Into the 5th day (28th April 2017)

2~3 of your 3* heroes should be level 50 by now.

You will probably be farming ascension/awakening materials like me and this slows down the ranking up as experience gain is lower from farming materials from dungeons.

At the end of 5th day, you should have ascended/awaken 2~3 heroes to 4* by now. 

Now we go on to clear map 5 easy with our new 4* heroes.

By now, your trainer/walker should be ~level 40. 

Into the 6th day (29th April 2017)

As a free to play (F2P), I have my 4th 4* hero by now and most other heroes are either 3* or going to be 3*, except the newer ones.

If you are a P2P (Pay2Play), you will probably be ahead by now, having more heroes etc.

I've almost completed map 5 and going to map 6.

Training my heroes to 5* will probably take a while more as 5* is the final ascension/awakening stage heroes.

But that's okay. 

By now, I've grasped most aspects of the game. 

Now I am around top ~75 in arena for the game as the game is new.

Not too bad for a F2P. I will do a final conclusion for the last day tomorrow when I get there.

7th and last day of my first week of Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes

Heroes in Possession - Total: 15/34

4* Heroes (4 owned), 3* Heroes (3 owned), 2* heroes (8 owned)

*All heroes started at 1* and are ascended/awakened to their respective current star level through the first week

A Beginner's Journeyman Diary Through Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes - The first 7 days LzfGF5n
A Beginner's Journeyman Diary Through Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes - The first 7 days YNAZYvJ

Level of Walker: 45, Gold in Possession: 1,877, 733, Skulls: 1711

A Beginner's Journeyman Diary Through Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes - The first 7 days BFr9V4s

Expedition Level: 4

A Beginner's Journeyman Diary Through Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes - The first 7 days OlQpRze

All these statistics are free-2-play, with around ~12 hours of daily play.

Good luck to everyone starting the game!

Hope my experience helped~!!


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