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Daily Routine / How to Spend your Energy Guide (Beginner to Intermediate)

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Daily Routine / How to Spend your Energy Guide (Beginner to Intermediate)

Post by Ultima on Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:23 pm

Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes 

Daily Routine / How to Spend your Energy Guide (Beginner to Intermediate)

Daily Routine:

  1. Spend your energy (Follow the energy spending priority guide below)

  2. Do your Arena & Valley of Trials (Unlocked after you completed further maps)

  3. Send your heroes on Expeditions 

  4. Redeem Event Items from Events

  5. Do your dailies (from achievements)

  6. Click Guild icon to do guild check-in. If you don't click the icon, it doesn't count as guild check-in even though you might have logged into game.

Monthly Routine

  • Do your max clears for Ice Fortress rewards

Below, I will explain how to prioritize and spend your energy wisely to progress well in the game Shocked

Priority for Energy Usage (Beginner):

  1. Upper levels (Tough, Brutal, Hell) for Hero Stages for each map to collect skill points (hero tokens).

    These stages gives hero tokens (skill points) which can be used to upgrade your heroes' skills.

    These stages only give limited tries per day and it takes a long time to collect these tokens.

    Hence, our #1 priority is to collect these tokens daily to max out the skills of all your heroes.

    Hero Stages:

  2. Upper levels (tough, brutal, hell) for maps (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) for green tokens

    When you are new, you might not have progressed too far yet. Hence, after clearing all the boss dungeons, you have a lot of energy left. This is when you should use your energy to farm green tokens from upper levels of stages of maps.

    Upper levels for any stage in any map, including hero stages, will give green tokens that can be exchanged for skill points for your 4 starter heroes (Ava, Trevis, Percy, Cosmo)

    Upper Levels for Green Tokens:

  3. Farming Ancient City for Bind Soul (High Experience Items)

    You only get 3 tries per day for this. These Bind Souls help a lot in leveling your heroes fast.

    Hence, it's worth it to farm them. 

    Bind Soul & Ascend Material Dungeon:

  4. Farming Ascension/Awakening materials as and when necessary.

    If you see that your hero is close to ascension/awakening, time to farm the materials using energy

Above would be the daily routine for a beginner. 

As you reached the intermediate stage (having at least a team of 4* heroes), meaning you are now capable of farming lost heroes tokens and at region 5~6. 

Now your daily free energy from regeneration no longer allows you to farm all heroes dungeons in one day. Hence, you will need to prioritize your energy.

  • Your goal in spending energy now will be to farm hero tokens selectively, based on a tier list or based on what you use most often.

    Hence, spend energy to farm hero stages selectively, based on what you need.

  • Farm the lost hero dungeon to recruit them and max their skills.

    Lost Heroes Dungeon:

  • Continue with the 3 daily tries of bind souls from Ancient City at the highest level

    Because this helps greatly in leveling your heroes

  • Continue these steps till all your heroes' skills are maxed and you collected all heroes possible.

*Note - Outside of this daily routine, you should also spend energy to clear Ice Fortress to your max possible stage weekly.

This is more for intermediate players who have unlocked Ice Fortress.


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