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Arena Guide - Maximizing your Rewards from Arena (Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes)

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Arena Guide - Maximizing your Rewards from Arena (Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes)

Post by Ultima on Tue May 02, 2017 4:56 pm

Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes

Arena Guide - Maximizing your Rewards from Arena

What is Arena:

Arena is a PvP game mode where you get to battle against other players' team of 4 heroes.

Arena energy regenerates by 1 per hour.

Everytime you win all the 5 enemy teams in an arena list, you gain extra 2 arena energy as reward

What are the rewards:

  • Win/Loss from an Arena match

    3 medals / 1 energy for a win

    1 medal / 1 energy for a loss

  • Ranking Rewards

  • Participation Rewards

  • Arena Shop

Heroes (Tokens) & Transmutation stones

You get to recruit OP heroes.

Transmutation stones used in converting a set equipment to another type in the set. 

For example, a weapon in a equipment set into an armor of the same equipment set.

How to maximize your rewards from Arena?

First you must understand our goals in doing arena.

There are only 3 goals:

  • For a beginner/intermediate player like me, the goal is to recruit the heroes and max their skills.

    For that, we need medals. 

    So acquiring medals is our goal.

  • Transmutation Stones for equipment conversion

  • Skulls/Gold 

The #1 goal for me now will be to acquire the OP heroes.

Hence, the goal will be to maximize our medal gain daily, and in the process of doing this, you will naturally gain the maximum rewards from Arena.

How does it work?

To maximize medals acquired, we have to look at the sources of medals:

  • From ranking rewards

  • From win/losses in arena matches

Hence, to maximize our medals gain from arena matches, we want to be able to clear all 5 arena opponents to gain the 2 extra energy.

Strategy: Win 5 opponents (gain 2 extra energy), lose 5 matches to go back to original ranking score and win another 5 opponents and repeat.

1000 > after winning 5 opponents > 1120 > lose 5 matches > 1000 > win 5 opponents again

In this way, you will gain 2 extra energy every time you clear an arena list.


24 hours a day, 24 arena energy, 10 energy per round of 5 wins and 5 lose, you can gain extra 4 energy a day. Therefore total energy = ~29 per day. 

Every set of 5 wins and 5 lose = 20 medals.

You can gain around 60 medals per day x 7 days = 420 medals a week from win/lose.

You will also gain ~200 medals from rankings too, so that's ~650 medals per week.

Final comments:

If you followed the above strategy, you will get the 100 matches participation rewards, ranking rewards and rewards from win/losses.

However, if you are going for the #1 arena ranking, you want to repeat the strategy for the 1st 5 days and leave the last 2 days for climbing to a high rank.

If you are not going for the top ranking but still a high ranking, repeat the strategy for the 1st 6 days of the week and go for the ranking on the last day. It will be enough.


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